Confident, knowledgeable and a professional business owner is who you are! It's time to enhance your skills. Our mission is to inspire, educate, uplift, and collaborate with the micro interlock community.

So What is Tinylocs Academy?

Tinylocs Academy is an online community-based learning platform for natural hair care. We are focused on tiny interlocking and the business of the natural hair industry. The program is designed with you in mind.

The academy aims to help you develop precision tiny interlocking skills along with a complete understanding of natural hair, natural hair care, and how to transition from being a loctician to a natural hair business and brand owner. Our purpose is to make your business a success by providing you the tools, resources, and a supportive community.

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Tinylocs Academy is Perfect for All Levels

The academy is an interactive learning community to expand your knowledge and connect with other professionals and Tinylocs enthusiasts just like you.

The Trained Professional

You are a licensed and/or trained professional who has experience doing small/micro interlocks but want a better understanding of how to achieve precision grids, a clean and polished look, and developing a reputable business and brand among like-minded creative professionals.

Skillful DIYer

You are a trained, at-home service provider, self-taught loctician, or DIYer and want to enhance your interlocking skills and business. The academy is here to hold your hand and provide community-based support, structured theory, and hand-on lessons.

The Enthusiast

You have Tinylocs of your own, and now you're a Tinylocs enthusiast following all the interlocking community pages on social media and want a better understanding of the interlocking process or how to maintain your own locs.

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